Martin Gouguet, Hotel Christopher, France

No 5 in a series of 11, talking to the winners of G’Vine Perspectives Global Challenge about the unconventional people who inspired them to create new G’Vine serves.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

“I used to sail a lot when I was younger and so the sea is important to me. And Jacques-Yves Cousteau has always been a fascinating person for me. He was unconventional because no one had ever explored the oceans before. On board his vessel the Calypso he filmed extraordinary things to share with the world. He was a true pioneer, and as well as being a subaquatic explorer he was also an environmentalist. I also think that a bartender is a kind of explorer, looking for new drinks, new flavours, new techniques, to explore the guest’s mind.

I wanted to do something simple, not a lot of ingredients. I made a homemade ingredient, the sweet white wine reduction and used all French ingredients. I named it after his boat the Calypso.

The Calypso Martini


60ml G’Vine Floraison
20ml La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Extra Dry
20ml sweet white wine reduction


Stir over ice and strain into martini glass. Garnish with a lime zest and stick of ginger.

Watch Martin talking about his inspiration

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