Osvaldo Vazquez, Thompson The Cape, Mexico

No 8 in a series of 11, talking to the winners of G’Vine Perspectives Global Challenge about the unconventional people who inspired them to create new G’Vine serves.

Guillermo González Camarena

“When I was a child I learnt all about Guillermo González Camarena at school. He is credited with the invention of colour television but today few people, even in his native Mexico, know his name, but he’s always stuck in my mind. With this competition I was able to recognise his amazing achievement. A lot of people forget that television used to be only black and white pictures. His invention of colour made such difference. He’s truly unconventional because he did something that was completely different to what already existed.

When I created my drink I wanted to do something specifically with colour. As the ice melts it actually changes the colour of the cocktail from red to pink!”



50ml G’Vine Floraison
20ml Luxardo Maraschino
15ml lime juice
2 Dash B&B Barrel Aged Ruda Bitters


Shake ingredients over ice and strain into coupe glass smoked with palo de sangre root and with two dashes cardamon perfume. Finish with barrel aged bitter of ruda herb.

Watch Osvaldo talking about his inspiration

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