When a cocktail calls on just three ingredients, make no mistake, quality counts. Take the Daiquiri for instance. On the face of it, there couldn’t be an easier drink to make – grab some rum, add sugar and lime juice, shake all three over ice and hey presto!, it’s Daiquiri o’clock!

That said, everyone’s had a bad Daiquiri. We know we have. Too sweet, too sour, overly diluted, not diluted enough, too warm – ugh! For something so simple, there are myriad ways to get it wrong. Get it right though and you’ll be the proverbial Daiquiri Don.

Here’s how:

Take 2 parts spirit: RUM

Fanfare please for the star of the glass – rum. First things first: there’s a time and a place for breaking rules and messing around with this beauty isn’t one of them. Sure you’ll find recipes using golden or even dark, full-bodied rums but for a 100% bona fide Daiquiri only white rum will do. No, strike that. Consult any book, talk to any historian and whatever theories they have on the origins of this champion of a drink, they’ll all agree on one thing: Bacardí is the rum that goes into it. Period.

The crisp, light, tropical Bacardí Carta Blanca with its smooth vanilla spice notes works a treat. But if you want to be authentic, and why wouldn’t you? – we’re counting down the days to National Daiquiri Day here – seek out a bottle of Bacardí 44.5% Heritage.

This is the daddy, the real mccoy, the one the Daiquiri was made for. And originally made with. Do a taste test and you’ll understand why. That extra strength makes for a fuller, more intense flavour, exactly to the same profile as it was in 1909 when US Admiral Lucius Johnson first introduced the recipe at the Army & Navy Club in Washington DC and the Daiquiri went from being a Cuban secret to becoming a global favourite.

+ 1 part sour: LIME

We’re talking fresh, fresh, fresh here – none of your off-the-shelf stuff and let’s not even go there with the sour mixes…

Top tip: where possible, the juice should be squeezed directly into the cocktail shaker. There is a reason for this – citrus juice degrades and start to lose its zestiness as soon as it’s exposed to the air.

+ half part sweet: SUGAR








Actually, make that just a little over half – 15mls in fact. Some people use sugar syrup, nothing wrong with that but the real deal calls for caster sugar: two teaspoons to be exact. Why? Undiluted sugar gives the drink that beautiful, delicate sherbetty texture that all good Daiquiris call out for.

Shake it baby!

Method: Place sugar and freshly squeezed lime juice into a cocktail shaker and stir until the sugar has been dissolved. Pour in the Bacardí 44.5% Heritage rum and fill the shaker with half cubed ice, followed by half crushed ice. Shake hard until thoroughly chilled. Fine strain into a chilled coupette. Smile and enjoy.


Did you know?

The limited edition Bacardi Heritage rum, bottled at the original strength of 44.5% abv, was inspired by the original packaging and strength of the rum used by early cocktail pioneers.


Tomorrow: The first of 10 great bars to enjoy a Daiquiri on National Daiquiri Day: Scarfe’s Bar at Rosewood London.



5 Responses

  1. Johnny Pedantic

    Hate to play Devil’s Advocate (who am I kidding – it’s awesome!) but if you’ve dissolved the sugar in the lime juice before you finish making the cocktail then mightn’t you just as well use sugar syrup?

    • The Cocktail Lovers

      Hey Johnny Pedantic, of course you can use sugar syrup! Like we said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – most people do anyway but it’s good to mix things up every now and again, non? Try it and see!

    • Mark

      I would say that the water in the syrup dilutes the drink. Caster all the way for me!

  2. BryantP

    The best, most authentic rum isn’t Bacardi – not even close. It’s Havana Club 3-year. By that I mean the real Havana Club – not the Bacardi version. As it’s a bit difficult to obtain in the states, I’d suggest either Ron Matusalem Platino or Plantation 3 Star. Of course, I’d also add a dash of Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur – but only a dash.

  3. Dan

    Nice Bacardi advert in disguise.
    I have just made a daquiri with bacardi to put it to the test and I can say with absolute conviction that it is NOT the best rum to use. It has nothing on Havana Club.


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