Granted, history lessons can be boring. But that’s only if the subject doesn’t rock your boat. For those who truly appreciate fine spirits and the passion and exceptional craft that goes into them, getting an insight into their heritage isn’t like being in a classroom, it’s a lesson in liquid excellence with key dates thrown into the mix. Need convincing? Join us on 6th November and dip into a teeny part of the illustrious 300 year history of Martell Cognac.

In the second of our Very Special Nights with this iconic French brand, we’ll be celebrating the 300th anniversary of Martell, taking in everything from its birth at the height of Art de Vivre in 1715 through to the launch of the latest expression created to mark its tricentennial year.

Once again our Very Special Night will take place in Quo Vadis in central London. On arrival, you’ll be treated to a Martell Classic Champagne Cocktail and delicious canapés. Guests will then be guided through the unique history of Martell illustrating key dates with four very special cocktails. Yes, there will be facts to put the lineage of Martell into context but don’t mistake that for anything yawn-inducing, it’s a Friday night so we’ll be keeping things lively and entertaining. Martell Cognac expert Matthias Lataille will also be on hand to celebrate Martell’s 300th anniversary with a tasting of Martell VS Cognac and the iconic Martell Cordon Bleu.

Tickets cost £10 and are available on a first come, first served basis. There are only 26 places available and as they sold out within a few hours the last time, we advise getting yours sharpish. Book up here

NOTE: Entrants must be 18 or over and may be asked for proof of age at the door.

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