Ah yes, the crackle and pop of the fireworks, the scent of the bonfire – we don’t know about you but that l’il combo is our cue to mix up a couple of autumnal cocktails. Try your hand at the ones below: stick to the first three if you want to keep it simple, or show off your skills with the last recipe if you’re feeling confident.

Bonfire Boulevardier

 25ml Monkey Shoulder whisky
25ml Campari
25ml Sweet Vermouth


Add all ingredients to mixing glass, add ice and stir. Once desired dilution is reached strain into glass with ice and garnish with twist of orange.

Midori Sparkle and Stormy

25ml Midori
25ml vodka
20ml blackberry puree
25ml lemon juice

Shake over ice and serve. Garnish glass with a swirl of lemon zest. Serve in a jam jar or rocks glass.

Winter Warmer

50ml Lamb’s Spiced Rum
25ml freshly-squeezed lime juice
100ml homemade rosemary and pear purée

Combine ingredients into a small glass teapot and stir. Top with boiling water.



Blazing Monkey 

40ml Monkey Shoulder whisky
12.5ml Mozart black
10ml banana liqueur
10ml boiling water
5ml Demerara sugar syrup
Dash Angostura aromatic bitters
Sprinkle of nutmeg spice
 Carefully warm ingredients in a bain marie, blaze and serve in a handled glass. Garnish with an orange twist to garnish.

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