Hey bartenders, we’ve got something to ask you. How would you like to claim the Chivas Masters UK title in 2016? More specifically, how would you like to claim the title and head off to Shanghai, yes Shanghai, to compete for the global title? Scratch that. What we meant to ask was, how would you like to claim the Chivas Masters UK title in 2016, head off to Shanghai to compete for the global title and be up for the top prize of a trip to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans? By all means take your time before you answer.

The Chivas Masters 2016 is about to get underway and the aforementioned is what’s waiting at the end of the road for one talented bartender. But all journeys have to start somewhere. In the UK the journey starts now. Heats are taking place in Bristol, Edinburgh and Liverpool, along with East, West and Central London, throughout March and April, leading to the UK final in May.

If you’re up for the challenge you need to think about the unique journey of Chivas itself. From its beginnings in Scotland it has travelled the world. It’s comfortably at home in local bars. In New York it was there when classic cocktails were being created. Now it’s there in the emerging cocktail scene of Shanghai. Taking inspiration from this Chivas Masters is inviting bartenders to go on their own journey of discovery by creating three very special cocktails.

The Classic Way

Many of today’s great cocktails were born in New York in the classic age, a time that also saw the birth of Chivas Regal. Leading the way was bartender Harry ‘The Dean’ Johnson and in the 1888 edition of his bartender manual he included the Morning Glory Fizz. Fast forward to 2014 when Chivas Master Masa Urushido was inspired to create the *Royal Lavender Fizz. What’s going to inspire you?

The Local Way

What is it about your local area that you would like to bring to a new cocktail? It might be a particular ingredient. It could be something from history. Or perhaps you want to celebrate your city’s unique cocktail scene? So long as it’s local and it complements Chivas Regal, go for it. Remember, inspiration can come from anywhere. 2015 Chivas Master Josh Reynolds (above) discovered the Queen Mother’s favourite tipple was Dubonnet. The result? His creation the *Black Dizzy Tea.

The Shanghai Way

Shanghai is one of the world’s most exciting new cocktail cities. Bars there are taking inspiration from centuries of traditional aromatics, honey sweet osmanthus blossoms, Sichuan peppers, ginseng, cassia bark, Chinese cardamon and local fruits like goji berries and lychee. Inspiration for your third Chivas Regal cocktail might start with a trip to the nearest Chinese supermarket.

How to enter

As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Makes yours in the direction of Luke McFayden, Customer Marketing Manager, who can give you all the details on Chivas Masters UK 2016. You can reach him at Luke.McFayden@pernod-ricard.com.

Follow the Chivas Masters journey

The Chivas Master heats run throughout March and April, leading up to the final in May. Judging them will be Josh Reynolds, Chivas Masters Global Winner 2015, Phil Huckle, Chivas Brand Ambassador and The Cocktail Lovers. We’ll also be bringing you updates up to and including the final right here.

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Competitors must be over 25 years old by May 2016.

*Winning recipes below

Royal Lavender Fizz

2 parts Chivas Regal 12 Year Old
1/2 part Crème de Violette
3/4 part lemon juice
3/4 part lavender syrup (simple syrup)
1 lavender scented egg
1/4 part absinthe

Dry shake all the ingredients in a shaker except soda water. Shake hard with ice. Add soda water into the shaker and strain into a footed Highball glass. Garnish with lavender stalk and absinthe mist (atomiser).

Black Dizzy Tea

60ml Chivas Regal 12 Year Old
20ml Dubonnet
10ml pineapple syrup
1.25ml sarsaparilla cordial

Throw all the ingredients between tins until the correct dilution and aeration is achieved. Serve in a glass tea cup. No ice. Garnish with lemon zest around the rim.

The Chivas Masters Cocktail Lovers

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