Tell us Pietro, what is it about the Daiquiri that has made it a constant throughout drinking history?

The harmony between those three ingredients; sugar, lime and rum – simplicity, it’s always the key. Furthermore, Cubans have such a strong sense of their own culture. They are so proud of their own rum, music, costumes, food and style of life, they have nurtured all the individual aspects that make up their rich culture and the Daiquiri is one beautiful part of the island’s diverse history and culture.

What cues from the era have you included in your drink?

We decided to reinterpret the classic Daiquiri with a unique tobacco liqueur (Perique) which is inspired, of course, by the Cuban cigar. The result is a great and refreshing drink.

Tell us about your Daiquiri and why people should drink it on National Daiquiri Day.

Our Daiquiri is very simple but we have added our own touch to the classic formula. We have kept the simple and original recipe, whilst offering a different and modern approach to the experience. We don’t want to say too much, instead just come to Bart’s and share with us our unique National Daiquiri Day experience.

Can you suggest one simple way that cocktail lovers can elevate their Daiquiri making at home?

For smoky cocktails you can just add one small spoon of a peaty whisky to your recipe.

Cigar Daiquiri

50ml Bacardé Carta Blanca,
25ml Perique Tobacco Liqueur
25ml lime juice,
Dash of sugar

Barts, Chelsea Cloisters, 87 Sloane Avenue, London SW3 3DW.

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