So Ryan, what is it about the Daiquiri that has made it a constant throughout drinking history?

I think the Daiquiri has endured for two main reasons – its deliciousness, and its simplicity. It’s timeless because it’s such a simple drink to make and can easily be made by anyone. Also, the finished product instantly transports you to another world, and with the constant gloom that seems to mount each year, it has endured as a ray of sunshine!

What external influences have inspired you from the era you have chosen?

I’ve looked to the past in order to look forward. By adopting cues from history, the history of the Daiquiri, and the history of our ingredients, to find a way to give this minimalist classic a modern twist.

What cues from the era have you included in your drink?

I’ve stayed very true to the ‘true-ness’ of a Daiquiri – it is still a blend of rum, lime and sugar. However, I’ve tried to look at the history of the Daiquiri and how it probably would’ve tasted back in the day to create something different – a balance of slightly stronger rum, heritage citrus and raw sugar.

Tell us about your Daiquiri and why people should drink it on National Daiquiri Day.

My Daiquiri twist – the ‘Modern Cox’ – touches on the idea of history informing the future, and sustainability is one key aspect. In the past we had lots of varieties of wild fruits that provided genetic diversity, and resistance against pests. Our modern monoculture crops lack this, so I’ve bolstered some freshly squeezed lime with distillates of heirloom citrus varieties including striped lemon, Delhi lime and flame grapefruit. To balance it all, I’ve reduced the amount of sugar, and matched this with some liquorice which gives an earthy sweetness, backed by a little raw sugar. This all ties in with the Heritage Bacardí and its extra strength and body.

How will you be celebrating National Daiquiri Day?

In New Orleans with many good pals from across the world, sharing a crisp refreshing Daiquiri of course!

Can you suggest one simple way that cocktail lovers can elevate their Daiquiri making at home?

Use only the best ingredients, and serve it blisteringly cold!

The ‘Modern Cox’ Recipe

60ml Bacardi Heritage
20ml heritage citrus juice
10ml turbinado/liquorice sugar syrup

Shake like hell, and double strain.

Dandelyan, Mondrian Hotel, 20 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD.

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