So Richard, what is it about the Daiquiri that has made it a constant throughout drinking history?

It’s a perfect example of a drink that is elegantly simplistic. It’s great in warm weather and as an early evening relaxant. The sweetness perfectly balances out the citrus, which in turn lifts the flavour of the rum.

What external influences have inspired you from the era you have chosen?

My drink is from my new menu at Duck & Waffle. ‘Urban Foraging vs. Urban Decay’. Decay is a showcase of ingredients that we consider to be by-products of 21st century urban living, such as banana skins, spent coffee grinds and in the case of this drink – burnt toast.

Tell us about your Daiquiri and why people should drink it on National Daiquiri Day.

‘Breakfast With Hemingway’ combines the freshness of pink grapefruit with the flavour of burnt toast, which in the end produces something like marmalade on toast. So my Daiquiri is a great drink for breakfast, or brunch, or anytime of the day for that matter.

Can you suggest one simple way that cocktail lover’s can elevate their Daiquiri making at home?

When making your Daiquiri at home, squeeze in lime wedges and then drop the wedges into the tin. The broken skins will elevate the aroma and give your drink a lovely, fresh and zesty taste.

Breakfast with Hemingway

35ml Bacardi Carta Blanca
Burnt toast
35ml fresh pink grapefruit,
3 bar spoons Maraschino

Duck and Waffle, 110 Bishopsgate, Heron Tower, EC2N 4AY


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