Tell us Jon, what is it about the Daiquiri that has made it a constant throughout drinking history?

The simple, but incredibly tasty combination of rum, lime and sugar has been the constant and defining feature of nearly all important and popular rum drinks throughout history. The Mojito, the Zombie, and the Mai Tai have all built on the formula of this classic drink, proving that the Daiquiri is the king of all rum cocktails.

What external influences inspired you from the era you have chosen?

The importance of the Daiquiri as a building block for later drinks, as mentioned above, has served as a huge inspiration. It’s an incredible drink on its own, but it’s also a perfect template to experiment with. A few little additions here and there can make an even better and more exciting drink.

What cues from the era have you included in your drink?

We have added two important ingredients that really ‘tikify’ our Daiquiri: Pimento dram and Falernum. Also, it wouldn’t be a tiki cocktail without a slightly flashy garnish, so we’ve added a dehydrated lime slice, which gets people talking, but still keeps the end result fairly low-key, as befits a classic Daiquiri.

Tell us about your Daiquiri and why people should drink it on National Daiquiri Day.

It has everything and more that this drink should have: a refreshing, crisp, and a way-too-easy-to-drink but still ‘rummy’ flavour. The drink combines two different angles: the spiced ingredients from two of the most important Caribbean rum islands, Jamaica and Barbados, build a bridge between Spanish and English style rums, and Cuban and American style cocktails.

How will your bar be celebrating National Daiquiri Day?

We will be celebrating with a week-long promotion and discount in our bar as well as a social media campaign. Our staff will always be available to answer any and all rum, Daiquiri and tiki-related questions to customers.

Can you suggest one simple way that cocktail lovers can elevate their Daiquiri making at home?

A good Daiquiri lives or dies by the shake. Get those muscles moving until your hands stick to the shaker from the cold!

The Spiced Daiquiri

Bacardi Carta Blanca
Pimento Dram
Lime juice

Trailer Happiness, The Basement, 177 Portobello Road, London, W11 2DY.

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