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Something crazy, sexy and indescribably cool happened to us a couple of days ago: we only went and picked up the Best Cocktail & Spirits Publications trophy in the 10th Annual Spirited Awards at Tales of the Cocktail! Thank heavens we feel our latest issue, box fresh today, does the accolade justice.

It’s all about the senses and who better to lead the charge on the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and clever touches in food and drink than our cover star Heston Blumenthal? Before he got his geek on, little was known about centrifuges, rotavaps and the likes for culinary purposes. He took things further still by looking into the science of how we engage our senses when we eat and drink. We talk to him about his approach to cooking, thoughts on drinks and the vision that led to him coining the phrase ‘multi-sensory’.

All illustrations ©Edd Leigh and The Cocktail Lovers

Blumenthal isn’t the only expert we’ve spoken to in this issue. Giving her views on Sight we have food artist Caroline Hopkinson; Professor Barry Smith explores the sense of Sound, while Professor Charles Spence reveals his findings on Touch. We also have Jozef Youssef from Kitchen Theory examine the sense of Taste, while Lizzie Ostrom talks scents and Smell.

What else is in store? So glad you asked! Ben Norum looks at some of the most beautiful drinks to feast your eyes on in Sippable Stunners; we discover the joys of Shanghai courtesy of Chivas; ogle tattoos, the bartenders favourite garnish and Jon Nickel talks about creating the right ambiance with the Best International Bar Team, at the American Bar at The Savoy.


Think ink: Denzel Heath shows off his tattoos

For Touch, we called on drinks whizzes Alistair Reynolds and Robyn Wilkie to give their views on the feel (and look) of eight stylish bar aprons, and on Smell, we sniff out bars that are looking to the world of fragrance for inspiration.

Robyn Wilkie and Alistair Reynolds, photographed by Lawrence Watson

There’s plenty more too, but we won’t go into it here. If you want to read more, now could be the perfect time to take out a subscription – all you pay is the cost of postage and handling. To start your subscription (four issues a year) just follow the secure link for your region…

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