Cordials, syrups, sherbets, shrubs and superb Chivas serves to see you through the whole year.

This month’s Chivas Seasonal Serve from Josh Reynolds, Global Winner of the Chivas Masters Cocktail Competition 2015, is as refreshing as it is tasty.

Pear and honey shrub

“Pear and honey, need I say more? This drink stems from the idea of drinking cider in a pub in winter, hence the tankard serve. It’s fun and delicious with the apricot, honey and pear providing a good structure for the Chivas to really shine, with a topping of cider to dry things out and make it a refreshing, layered concoction.”

300ml fresh pear juice
150ml honey
75ml white balsamic vinegar

Put the pear juice through a centrifugal juicer and strain off the remaining pulp. Add the honey and white balsamic vinegar, stir until the honey dissolves, then bottle.

Use it in the following:

50ml Chivas Regal 12 yo
30ml pear and honey shrub
10ml apricot liqueur
10ml lemon juice
5ml sugar syrup (2:1)

Shake and strain into an ice filled glass tankard, then top with dry cider.

Watch Josh make his pear and honey shrub and suggested serve


Chivas Seasonal Serves

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January: bergamot and chamomile cordial.

Illustration: Wildhorse

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