Forget Dry January, howsabout resolving to make it a more sustainable New Year? The next issue of The Cocktail Lovers Magazine due out 30 January definitely has its green hat on (more details to follow) but in the meantime we advise getting down to Fanny Nelson’s in London on 22nd and 23rd January to get the lowdown on Trash Tiki.

For those who haven’t heard, Trash Tiki is Iain Griffiths’ and Kelsey Ramage’s two fingers up to wasters. And more specifically, waste. This year the award-winning duo from Dandelyan will be spending what spare time they have (!) travelling around the world talking about what we can all do to green up our acts. But don’t expect anything dull and sanctimonious, that’s just not the way these two roll. Instead, they’ll be joined by a blow-up doll called Susan, accompanied by a sound track including The Misfits and The Ramones and serving up their zero-waste cocktails.

“We want to inject a little fun back into sustainability and show people that it doesn’t take a complete overhaul to make a difference,” says Kelsey. Which doesn’t mean that the pair are not serious about the business of waste. Au contraire. “The purpose of taking Trash Tiki around the world is to see how cuisines and cultures waste different flavours by putting them in the trash rather than using them,” says Iain. “Ultimately we will create a platform that is global in every sense of the word, full of recipes and resources that allow the international community to see the breadth of potential behind the products we’re wasting every day.

The first of their waste-free punk pop ups takes place on 22nd and 23rd January. Prepare for fascinating facts, great drinks and to rethink the way you think about waste.

5pm-midnight, Basement, Fanny Nelson’s, 32 Horatio Street, London E2 7SB. Get there early as there are no bookings or reservations.



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