Wake up people!
It’s time to stop being *green about green issues…

Not wishing to come over all waggy-fingered about it but climate change really is happening and the effects are already being felt the world over, so it’s down to all of us to be more responsible. There, sermon over. Well, not really. We’re leaving it to the people who know most about the environmental impact of what we drink, to put forward the case.

What’s inside…

There are our eco-worriers (no, that’s not a typo) from Tin Roof Drink Community, Trash Tiki, Small Hand Foods and the Bar Craft & Culture Project talking about what they’re doing to be more conscious in the bar. Dré Masso gives the skinny on how Bali has turned him into a more environmentally-friendly bartender and of course, no focus on green issues in the bar would be complete without zoning in on Ryan Chetiyawardana and Iain Griffiths from White Lyan, the cool cats from Hoxton who put the sass into sustainability on the drinks front.

Iain Griffiths and Kelsey Ramage from Trash Tiki

The big companies have a huge part to play too. Jane Ryan highlights those who are greening up their act, while on a smaller scale Thomas Usher meets the team from Toast, who are making beer from unwanted bread. Mind you, it’s not down to everyone else to make the difference, there’s plenty we can all do, too. We’ve put together some simple tips we should all resolve to embrace this year and beyond. Forget Dry January and get set for a greener new year.


…hot new bar openings in London, New York, Singapore, Panama, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, São Paulo, Buenes Aires, Perth and Chicago

Cocktail recipes using spent ingredients by Rich Woods

Top tips for sustainable staffing by Nate Brown

10 green bottles, photographed by Addie Chinn

and The 2017 Perfectionists Yearbook from Tequila Patrón


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*Green or more precisely ‘Greenery’ happens to be the Pantone Colour of the Year (Pantone ref: 15-0343), so it’s officially cool to be sustainable. Go on, turn over a new leaf… #greenisthecolour

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