Cordials, syrups, sherbets, shrubs and superb Chivas serves to see you through the whole year.

This month’s Chivas Seasonal Serve from Josh Reynolds, Global Winner of the Chivas Masters Cocktail Competition 2015, is a swizzle style cocktail packed with flavour.

Apple and toasted fennel seed cordial

“I love this drink because it has really hearty flavours,” says Josh. “Apple is a fruit that we should be really proud of, and paired with the fennel it makes an amazing cordial which hits the apple tones of the Chivas. Combined with the other ingredients, like the fig and absinthe, it delivers a simply delectable swizzle style cocktail. And the nutmeg dusting is a invitation to flavour heaven!”

250ml fresh granny smith apple juice
260g caster sugar
3.5g toasted fennel seeds
4g citric acid


Juice some fresh granny smith apples, skin on, then add the caster sugar and citric acid. Stir to dissolve. Toast the fennel seeds and add to the apple cordial. Leave to cold infuse in the fridge for 24hours. Strain and bottle.

Use it in the following:

40ml Chivas Regal 12 yo
20ml apple and fennel cordial
10ml lime juice
10ml fig liqueur
2 dashes Pernod absinthe

Put all ingredients into a collins glass and swizzle with crushed ice. Top up with more crushed ice, grate nutmeg on top and garnish with two cocktail cherries.

Watch Josh make his apple and toasted fennel seed cordial and suggested serve

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March: Pomegranate shrub

Illustration: Wildhorse

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