C’mon, “Corpse Reviver”, what a name, and a name that really suggests what this drink is all about.

Corpse Reviver No 1

Although it apparently originates from the 1920s, it’s the version in The Savoy Cocktail book from 1930 that we really love. Along with the recipe the book also offers the following advice, “To be taken before 11 am, or whenever steam and energy are needed”. While we wouldn’t advocate taking it quite so early in the day it really does hit the spot when you do decide to go for it.

The floral notes of the H by Hine sit very nicely with its French cousin, calvados, while the sweet vermouth adds extra depth. Some people say the drink should be stirred but if shaking is good enough for The Savoy it’s good enough for us.


50ml H by Hine cognac
25ml calvados
25ml sweet vermouth
Orange twist garnish


Shake all the ingredients over ice and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with the orange twist.

Alternative serve

When something is this simple yet so delicious how much do you want to mess with it? Not a lot, but a lemon twist instead of an orange one is worth a go.

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