Classic coloured cocktail – the Negroni, illustrated by Clotilde Lataille

Forget namby-pamby and boring, this season we’re going bold. So bye-bye wishy-washy muted shades, we’ve got no time for the usual apologetic hues usually associated with winter, instead we’re celebrating the joy of colour and the impact it has in drinks.

Bold, brilliant bottles photographed by Rob Lawson

We take inspiration from the catwalk and inject a shot of red hot glamour behind the bar, gaz regan sings the praises of blue cocktails and Mary Lewis, creative director of leading brand and packaging design agency Lewis Moberly, talks about the cues people look for when they shop.

Jane Ryan delves into the fascinating issue of colour (above) and the way it plays with our perception of taste, Ben Norum looks at the use of colour in bars, while we explore the sensitive issue of the lack of people of colour behind them.

Corpse Reviver No. Blue, illustrated by Clotilde Lataille

There are drinks of course, including Rob Lawson’s photography of our favourite bottles that pack a punch and Clotilde Lataille’s beautiful illustrations of cocktails that stand out from the crowd. Want more?

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