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We’re not here to tell you not to drink alcohol. Why would we? It’s what we do for a living. But we’re not here to lie either. A healthy relationship with alcohol means knowing when to stop – whether when you’re out for an evening or after one too many social occasions.

Dry January is based on that premise. But 31 days of abstinence during the coldest, most miserable time of the year do not a realistic or enjoyable experience make. More attainable is the rule advised by health professionals: two to three consecutive days off the sauce every week.

Camille Ralph-Vidal photographed by Lawrence Watson

Which doesn’t mean staying locked in sipping water like Nelly or Nobby No Mates. These days every bar worth its salt is doing a mighty fine line in low ABV and non-alcoholic drinks thank you very much. And should you wish to drink at home, there are plenty of spirit-free offerings on the supermarket shelves. Not all of them great admittedly, but they’re getting there.

This issue is about balance. So you’ll find features on everything from what exactly ABVs mean and insights from world renowned nutritionist Patrick Holford, through to details of the best wellness apps and lighter-style drinks. We talk to bartenders who are mixing up imaginative and downright tasty low- and non-alcoholic cocktails, catch up with three people who have created cool initiatives with bartenders’ wellbeing in mind, and our cover star, St~Germain Global Brand Ambassador Camille Ralph Vidal, strikes a few yoga poses for those aches, pains and dare we say it, hangovers, that can take hold on the days when you go for something stronger.

Like we said, it’s all about balance.

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