It’s that time of year. The cold has set in, the clocks have gone back and winter is well and truly here. But, as they say, every cloud…

What better timing then for the return of Old Fashioned Week, (1st-10th November) to bolster our spirits, and warm our insides with that most soothing of classic cocktails. 

Launched in 2015, 1200 bars across the world are honouring the centuries-old drink and as the week’s sole bourbon representative, Woodford Reserve are helping lead the festivities. The Kentucky bourbon has teamed up with some of the best bars across the capital to celebrate with special Old Fashioned serves at bars including Milk & Honey, Bar Three, The London EDITION, Hix Soho, The Ned, and Fitz’s at the Principal Hotel. 

Of course, if you can’t quite face the cold, you can make your own classic version at home, but then you would be missing out on some of the elegant, and innovative interpretations being offered at some of these London bars. Such as the three exquisite Old Fashioneds at Sager + Wilde (Paradise Row), made with olive oil, baked apple and burnt maple. Or the delicious Whisky and Milk Old Fashioned, at Bar Three, made with milk split from the tannins in Earl Grey tea.

Alongside the special serves at the bars mentioned above, several bars are holding one-off events, open to the public where you can sip your Woodford Reserve Old Fashioneds accompanied to live blues music.

On Monday 5th November Oriole are offering three Old Fashioneds on their menu while Eric Ranzoni plays Blues piano. Also, Fitz’s Bar (above) and Swift are serving Old Fashioneds accompanied to great blues music, on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. 

For more information about Old Fashioned Week, and the participating bars around the world, check out the link below.

By Miles Watson

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