There’s no Athens Bar Show for us next week. Boo! But we’re consoling ourselves with the fact that we’ll be at the first ever Cabo Cocktail Festival instead. Hurray!

Taking place in Los Cabos, on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, it sure is a stunner on the location front. But organisers Danielle Tatarin and Osvaldo Vazquez haven’t sat back waiting for the perfect holiday setting to do all the talking – oh no, they’ve brought together a pretty cool list of speakers, all focusing on topics to inspire and help raise the standard of service in and around Mexico.   

The line up includes Jose Luis Leon and Benjamin Padrón from Limantour in Mexico City; Micah Melton from Alinea Group; Chantelle Gabino from Bittered Sling Bitters; Ulysses Vidal from Employees Only NYC and The Strangers Club in Panama; Philip and Elayne Duff of Old Duff Genever, and we’re honoured to say, we’re on the list too, joining forces with the wonder that is Pamela Wiznitzer, Beverage Manager at Henry at Life Hotel, New York.

Running over three days, from 5th to 7th November, the programme is made up of a whole lotta parties and a cocktail tour of bars in Down Town San Jose del Cabo. In between, there are the talks, all taking place at the breathtakingly beautiful Chileno Bay Resort & Residences.

Chileno Bay Resort & Residences: not too shabby a setting for a cocktail festival, eh?

The talks:

Agaves & Sustainability – Panel talk with Agave experts
Gilbert Marquez (Ilegal Mezcal), Julian Saenger (Legendario Domingo), Jorge Moreno (Coyote Sotol), Dani Tatarin (Sponsors: Ilegal Mezcal, Legendario Domingo, Coyote Sotol)

Favourite ‘B’ Words (Bitters, Balance & Bartenders)
Chantelle Gabino & Osvaldo Vasquez  (Sponsors: Bittered Sling & Bitter & Barrel)

The Five Pillars of Hospitality 
Pamela Wiznitzer & The Cocktail Lovers  (Sponsor: GREY GOOSE)

Modern Harvest: The Creative Process of Transforming Drinks
Micah Melton, Ulysses Vidal and Dani Tatarin  (Sponsor: Las Animas Botica)

Personal Branding Behind the Bar & Beyond
Jose Luis Leon, Benjamin Padron, Phil & Elayne Duff  (Sponsor: Bombay Sapphire)


We’re certainly looking forward to it. For further info and tickets check out, 

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