If you’re cutting down on your booze intake this month, or cutting it out altogether, we thought it only right to offer a helping hand. After all, if your January is a dry (or slightly drier) one that doesn’t mean you still can’t treat yourself to some marvellous drinks in fabulous surroundings. In fact, loads of London’s bars have got you covered this month with some glorious low ABV and non-alcoholic offerings.

Who said being dry had to be boring?

Knight’s Bar at Simpson’s in the Strand

Just walk a stones throw down the road from The Savoy, and you’ll find this beautiful Art-Deco treat. Their Allotment menu is inspired by the approaching splendour of the British Summer. So, if you can’t wait for the warmer weather to return, and want a liquid taste of, (fingers crossed) the glorious British summer ahead, then sample their non-alcoholic Raspberry cocktail which includes: Seedlip Spice, raspberry, cranberry and citric acid.

The American Bar - The Scoop
The Scoop at the American Bar at The Savoy

The American Bar at The Savoy

The historic, you can add any superlative here, The American Bar is offering the elegant and delicious Afternoon Reviver cocktail this January. A long and revitalising tipple that you can drink, with a clear conscience, for only £12. The drink uses Seedlip 108 as its floral base, and includes cold brew coffee, grapefruit juice, tonic and mint.
The American Bar at The Savoy

Non-alcoholic delights at Margot


Situated in Covent Garden, Margot not only serves delicious, authentic Italian food, but also boasts a wide range of non-alcoholic cocktails. You can try the Felicitá a fruity combo of mixed berries, pomegranate, cranberry and lemon; Mr Greene a refreshing mix of cucumber juice, apple, agave syrup and lime, and their Virgin Yellow Mary, a non-alcoholic version of their signature Yellow Mary which blends yellow tomato juice with horseradish, lemon and green tabasco. 

Lime Grove at Darwin & Wallace

Darwin & Wallace

Darwin & Wallace have partnered up with Seedlip’s #NoMoreMocktails campaign, which focuses on providing great tasting, non-alcoholic beverages that are also low on sugar. At each of their seven bars you’ll find five bespoke cocktails using three of Seedlip’s expressions. Some of the delectable drinks include the Lime Grove cocktail, made with green cardamom, fresh basil and lime, and The Collins 108, made with lemon sherbet, English apple, elderflower, and chilli droplets All of the cocktails on offer are priced at £6.

The American Bar at The Stafford Hotel

Combining Seedlip, coconut water, aloe-vera, cucumber and mint, The Scoop is a delicate and delicious non-alcoholic drink. The cocktail is part of the bar’s special menu, A Journey Through St. James’. The Scoop is priced at £12.50.

Pink Lemonade, Heads + Tails style

Heads + Tails

If you’ve decided you want to cut down on booze, but not cut it out altogether, then Heads + Tails,  is the perfect place to go. Heads, the elegant bar upstairs, has an entire section of the menu devoted to low ABV cocktails. Try the Pink Lemonade, made with Lillet Rose, lemon sherbet, and soda, or the Lightening cocktail, made with Bianco Vermouth, Italicus, and Bitters. Both cocktails cost £6.

Calypso Spritz at Coin Laundry

Coin Laundry

Each Sunday, Coin Laundry, the laid-back bar on Exmouth Market, features a selection of Sunday Drinks. These lighter beverages are all low in alcohol and perfect for a Sunday afternoon. The menu includes the Bloody Marlborough – Sauvignon Blanc, Lillet Blanc, and spiced tomato, and the Calypso Spritzo is made up of Belsazar Rose Vermouth, Mediterranean tonic, and grapefruit. Both drinks are available for £7.50.

By Miles Watson

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