Are you, like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way? Nope? Don’t worry about it – no one is.

So why choose Perfection as the theme for our latest issue? Simple. Because most of us beat ourselves up to be what we perceive as perfect, particularly  at this time of year, and while there’s nothing wrong with having goals, true perfection is unattainable.

Dave Arnold and Don Lee. Photography Eric Medsker

Mind you, there are some people who come pretty darned close. Like Dave Arnold and Don Lee, the two bright minds who’ve created all kinds of wizardry during their respective careers, and at Existing Conditions, the bar they’ve opened together in New York. Alex Kratena and Monica Berg (top) are another duo who strive for perfection in their work. We have the exclusive on their brand new range of super sexy premium liqueurs and talk to them about how they’ve designed the perfect bar station.

Leo Robitschek behind the bar at the NoMad

We couldn’t talk about perfection without speaking to Leo Robitschek, Bar Director at Make It Nice. He might not say it but the pursuit to provide the perfect environment and service is at the core of everything he does.

The sharp and dapper team at Maybe Sammy in Sydney

As for the rest of the issue, Jane Ryan checks out whether there is such a thing as a perfect ratio to make cocktails; Yael Weisberg talks to the experts about the perfect temperatures to serve your favourite drinks; Miles Watson finds the perfect whisky bar; Danil Nevsky goes globetrotting search of the perfect new bars to perch in and we welcome our new columnist, Tim Etherington-Judge from Healthy Hospo.

Photography Adam Goodison; hands Stuart Bale

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