If the latest issue of The Cocktail Lovers magazine has whet your appetite for a taste of Italian cocktail culture, the upcoming Roma Bar Show will definitely rock your boat. The fact that it’s in Rome, one of our favourite cities is a major draw but wait until you hear who Giuseppe Gallo, Leonardo Leuci, Andrea Fofi and Fabio Bacchi the organisers have got lined up for the two-day event which takes in the final lap of La Classics 2019 from Martini Vermouth. Get in a little closer people and we’ll tell you.

There’s Tomas Estes and Roberto Artusio sharing their expertise on Mexican spirits culture, and who better than Simone Caporale and Marian Beke to talk about cocktail innovation and trends? We definitely advise checking out Filippo Sisti for his (always) fascinating insights into cooking and cocktails, hearing all about sugar cane from Ian Burrell and Luca Gargano and don’t miss the guaranteed to be packed-out presentation from Desmond Payne and Anistatia Miller giving the low down on gin, past, present and future.

And that’s just for starters, other big names on the programme running 23rd and 24th September include Flavio Angiolillo, Patrick Pistolesi and Alex Frezza on raising the bar in Italy; Remy Savage talking about minimalist cocktails; Jim Meehan and Francesco Lafranconi going deep into American cocktail culture while Pietro Collina and Davide Segat share their first-hand experiences of hotel bars in the 21st century. Camille Vidal and Roberta Mariani will be on hand to ensure that health doesn’t get overlooked with their talk on balance and wellbeing.

It’s not just about the talks though, there’ll be tastings, themed areas, cocktail competitions, masterclasses and no doubt parties, too. “The first ever International Roma Bar Show project was born out of a need for the industry, its businesses and those working within it to meet and create an Italian event with international exposure, with the aim of raising the profile of the cocktail industry in Italy. We hope to welcome as many friends and colleagues from around the world in the eternal city for two days of cocktails, food and gioia di vivere,” says Giuseppe.

We say, we’ll see you in Rome!


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