The Opihr Global Competition begins in Venice, 26th September. It’s going to be a very special event with six very talented bartenders competing to be named The Spirit of Opihr 2019. Today we’re hearing from another of the competitors.

Merlin Hoyer

What’s the name of your bar and which country will you be representing?

I work at the Hotel Santo and I will be representing Germany.

What’s the story with your Opihr cocktail?

The combination of Opihr, lemon and ground nutmeg represents the Orient for me. By adding a classic German Kümmel I’m giving my own twist to this journey along the Spice Route while keeping the memories of the Orient alive just like a fairytale from of 1001 Nights.

Tell us a little about how Opihr gin works with the locally sourced ingredients in your cocktail

Helbing Kümmel is a traditional German spirit, especially in the north of the country where winters are incredibly cold and it also represents my heritage. Traditional spirits are coming back into fashion and I wanted to use an ingredient that is complimentary for the Oriental botanicals in Opihr.

1001 Nights

35ml Opihr Gin
15ml Helbing Kümmel
25ml lemon water
20ml almond syrup
Ground nutmeg

Shake all the ingredients, except the nutmeg, over ice and double strain into a martini glass. Serve with the nutmeg on top and a slice of orange.

The Opihr Global Cocktail Competition takes place in Venice 26th September. Read more about it here.
Look out for another Opihr Global Cocktail Competition finalist interview tomorrow. 

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