It’s about flavour, it’s about collaboration and it’s absolutely amazing. Grow Your Own Cocktail is bringing the best local ingredients from around the world together with Jameson Irish Whiskey to create some incredible new cocktails. Here’s how you can follow the story in a series of fabulous films.

A few months ago Jameson got together with Oisin Davis, from Great Irish Beverages, and Andre Duncan, Jameson Barrelmen’s Homecoming Global winner 2018, to work on an extraordinary new idea.

Source. Grow. Mix.

Oisin explains. “As part of our original Jameson programme we were encouraging bartenders to use local wines, spirits or beers in their cocktails. We then wanted to inspire them to engage even more by sourcing ingredients from producers in their area to create cocktails which tasted better and were also more sustainable. For example, a standard recipe could call for strawberries but they would probably have been brought in from overseas. They’d have less flavour and a bigger carbon footprint. Instead we wanted bartenders to work with local farmers and producers, understanding what they were growing during different seasons and how they could work with the incredible versatility of Jameson for a classic cocktail with a local twist. What could be better than picking your own ingredients and then mixing them in a cocktail?”

We wanted to inspire bartenders around the world to go local, creating cocktails that taste better and are also more sustainable

Learning to grow cocktail ingredients at Bar Convent Berlin

Moreover the Grow Your Own Cocktail initiative has also been showing bartenders how to actually grow their own ingredients with urban farming techniques as demonstrated at the global final of the Jameson Barrelmen’s Homecoming in Ireland in June. The idea was also introduced to the global bartending community at Bar Convent Berlin earlier this month.

Growing cocktail ingredients with urban farming techniques

Grow Your Own Cocktail – the film series

For Pauline de Pins, Senior Brand Manager at Jameson, sharing the Grow Your Own cocktail idea with a wider audience is essential. “We’d been travelling the world running workshops, working with great bars and meeting incredible local producers and farmers. It was so special we wanted to capture the journey on film.”

On location with Grow Your Own Cocktail

To date Grow Your Own Cocktail has visited Dubai, Tel Aviv, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Quebec and Cork (with Sweden coming soon and more destinations in the pipeline) bringing together producers and bartenders to create new cocktails that are full of flavour and more sustainable. And you can follow the stories of each destination through the films at For a taster check out the teaser below.

Get inspired with the Grow Your Own Cocktail film series

If you’re a bartender Grow Your Own Cocktail is inspiring and if you’re a lover of great cocktails then you’re in for some super fresh flavours.

Follow the Grow Your Own Cocktail films at

And if you’re a bartender attending the upcoming Athens Bar Show check out the Grow Your Own Cocktail farm foraging sessions.


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