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David Rios, The Jigger Cocktail, Spain

How to be a World Class bartender

For anyone who thinks that cocktail making is just about throwing a few ingredients together and having good chat, may we introduce you to Diageo Reserve World Class, the annual competition to find the best bar...
Cocktails to celebrate Independence Day

How to celebrate Independence Day

You don’t have to be American to celebrate Independence Day but obviously it helps. Restaurants and bars up and down the country will be offering up their versions of star spangled delights today, however if yo...
Cocktail Fun

How to add fun to your drinking experience

Blimey, the way some people go on you’d think you needed a PHD to drink cocktails. Constructing them, is one thing but imbibing? In our book, that should be about enjoyment and dare we say it, fun. Cocktail...
Gin's the thing

How to gen up on gin

If gin’s not your thing, look away now. Or then again, you could dedicate this weekend to getting to know the juniper-laced spirit better. It’s World Gin Day on Saturday, which means bars, shops and clubs from ...

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