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How to get what you want at the bar

Cocktails: they're all about you Bar or table? Perched by the bar allows you to drink in the whole experience even before you take a sip. From this vantage point you can watch the bar staff doing their s...
Cocktail and food pairing

How to pair cocktails with food

Think cocktails and food – and aperitifs spring to mind. Why wouldn’t they? Nothing gets the appetite primed quite like a cheeky Aperol Spritz. Then there’s the digestif. Ah, the digestif. Those intense drinks,...

How to garnish your cocktails

There was a time when big, bold – okay let’s not beat around the bush here – in-your-face garnishes were the epitome of naff. Those twirly, girly umbrellas, citrus twists that looked like they’d exploded from a...

How to joosh up a Mojito

Yes, yes, we know the Mojito is the quintessential summer drink. But in the same way those clever UV lamps trick the body into thinking it’s had a long charge of daylight, we think this cocktail can have the sa...
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How to shake a cocktail

How difficult can it be to shake a cocktail? Surely all you have to do is jiggle it around a bit? Er not quite. If you want a well-made drink – a heavy-on-the-alcohol Daiquiri, say, or even a creamy Brandy Alex...

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