Bartenders & Mixologists

The men and women creating and making the cocktails we love

Our Favourite Bartenders: J J Goodman

The jury may have been out on his ability to cook but when JJ Goodman won Raymond Blanc's The Restaurant, no-one could deny his passion for crafting a bloody good cocktail.

Cocktails With The Maestro – Round Two

We promised you more recipes from Salvatore  Calabrese and although a little later than planned, here they are, together with quotes from the man himself: (more…)...

Cocktails With The Maestro

Like most cocktail lovers, we're huge fans of Salvatore Calabrase's winning ways with drinks. We witnessed his skill and charm at The Lanesborough and had the pleasure of seeing him work magic at his wonderful ...

Our Favourite Bartenders: Danny Murphy

  Danny Murphy, Head Barman, The Met Bar: On why bartending is a bit like acting, dealing with disgruntled post office customers in Liverpool bars and his invention; the DBS... (more…)...

Our Favourite Bartenders: Mark Jenner

Mark Jenner is a walking, talking encyclopedia on what makes a blindingly good drink. Here he reveals a few of his favourite things...

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