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A Right Royal Do

Beefeater Right Royal Punch The big question is, will anyone really go into a bar and request a Royal Wedding cocktail? We seriously doubt it. However, if you're planning one of the estimated 4,000 street p...

Eau-riginal Cocktails

There was a time when only posh people drank Perrier - the rest of us made do with tap. Now Perrier is adding fizz to some ingenious cocktails

World Class Cocktails Part 1

Doing just what it says on the tin... It's one thing the two of us jabbering on to each other about whether or not a drink hits the proverbial spot, quite another adding our tuppence worth on which bartende...

Our Favourite Bartenders: J J Goodman

The jury may have been out on his ability to cook but when JJ Goodman won Raymond Blanc's The Restaurant, no-one could deny his passion for crafting a bloody good cocktail.

Scottish barman to promote Spanish liqueur

Joey Medrington Ms S had never heard of Licor 43 until a chance encounter at Shaker School last year. Looking to break away from the usual base ingredients for sours, she took a chance and tried the content...

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