The Cocktail Lovers look at classic and new drinks

Zing Aged Cocktail Collection

Win a World of Zing luxury hamper!

Who doesn't love a Christmas hamper? Mince pies, Christmas pudding, after dinner mints... All well and good but we've got our eyes on the boozy beauties from World of Zing. Better still the nice people at Zing ...
GIN 1495 Collection

Your chance to own a piece of gin history

GIN 1495 is the culmination of an extraordinary journey. From a 500 year old recipe to a limited edition launch, it is changing  the way we look at gin. For a select few it may also change the way they taste th...

Make a date for Cocktails in the City, London

On the downside September signals it's nearly winter (boo!) On the plus-side it means not long to go until London Cocktail Week (hurrah!) And to prime your palate for that there's Cocktails in the City. (m...

Doing it Frank’s way

If Mr G could do a Doctor Who and step inside the tardis, he'd go back to circa. 1958 no question. The reason? So he could live it large, wear sharp suits and hang out with Frank and the Rat Pack. He's proba...

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