The Cocktail Lovers look at classic and new drinks

Take your tastebuds on tour with World of Zing

Margaritas rimmed with Mexican cactus sea salt, handcrafted grapefruit liqueur in your champagne cocktail or maybe smoky lapsang syrup as the secret ingredient in your next mixology creation. Welcome to the ...

33 things we’ve learned about Licor 43*

Licor 43 has been on our radar for a little while now but nipping over to its beautiful home in sunny Alicante taught us one or two more things, well 33 things actually, about the liqueur originally known as "M...

How to… buy whisky

Judging by the shop window displays it seems to have been Christmas since September. However, now we are finally in the month that matters and the big day is less than three weeks away we can all really sta...

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