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H by Hine cognac classics: Corpse Reviver No 1

C'mon, "Corpse Reviver", what a name, and a name that really suggests what this drink is all about. Corpse Reviver No 1 Although it apparently originates from the 1920s, it's the version in The Savoy Cocktail...
H by Hine Champagne Cocktail

H by Hine cognac classics: Champagne Cocktail

It's oh-so simple to make and pretty damned delicious in the taste department, plus, it makes any occasion feel just a little bit more sexy. What's not to love about a Champagne Cocktail? Champagne Cocktail T...
H by Hine Fish House Punch

H by Hine cognac classics: Fish House Punch

Punch is one of those drinks that's had a pretty poor time of it over the years. Sadly, we tend to associate it with student days, pouring whatever cheap liquor we could get our hands on into a bucket, then top...
H by Hine Vieux Carre The Cocktail Lovers

H by Hine cognac classics: Vieux Carré

If, like us, you're a fan of Old Fashioneds, partial to Manhattans and that kind thing, then this drink most definitely has your name on it. Big, bold and best enjoyed late in the evening this is a true cogn...

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