What we’re mixing

Tools of the trade

There are a lot of cocktail recipes. And we do mean a lot. Hundreds, thousands probably. We’ve never tried counting them because we’ve got much better things to do, like sampling the cocktails themselves.

Instead we just want to point you in a few interesting cocktail directions.

Mixing at home is fun. Whether it is to start a romantic evening for two or you want to host an evening with a difference, a little forethought will make for the most enjoyable drinks. Always use the best quality ingredients you can afford. Always use fresh fruit. And make sure you have the correct glasses and a few bar basics.

The Classics We Love

These are the cocktails that most of us will have tried or, at least, wanted to try. For each Classic there are likely to be countless variations, so we’ve featured the version we usually mix. With a little care and attention, these are good ones to start making up at home. Read more.

From Our Favourite Barmen

These are the cocktail recipes which have been kindly contributed by some of the best barmen and mixologists around. We will be adding to this section all the time so remember to give it a look on a regular basis. Read more.

From Here And There

On our travels we pick up recipes from people, places and products. Here’s where they all find a home. Have a look around, who knows what you’ll find? Read more.

Video Recipes

It’s always good to see the experts in action. Some of our friends have kindly allowed us to share their secrets with you in the form of a few online masterclasses. Read more.

If there’s a recipe you would like to see, if you come across a particularly delicious drink from a particularly talented mixer or there’s anything else you want to share then drop us line and we’ll try to feature it.

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